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Although most frequently used to purchase items from stores and pay off the player's mortgage, Bells may also be used in several other respects, including trading with villagers and other services. To date, the smallest denomination of Bells is 100, which is depicted as a single golden coin. Bells can be found in their item form by shaking trees, hitting money rocks, and digging at shining spots. Bells as items can then be manually added to the player's wallet, where they no longer occupy inventory slots. The wallet has a capacity that varies per game, and any further Bells that the player wishes to carry must be carried in item form either in inventory slots or inside letters.

Bells in their item form can be picked up and stacked as long as the combined value does not exceed 99,000 Bells. However, bell denominations under 1,000 cannot be stacked on denominations over 1,000. In Animal Crossing, the player could carry up to 849,999 Bells at any one time in their inventory. In Wild World and City Folk, this is substantially expanded upon, as the player can have 99,999 Bells in their wallet and fifteen 99,000 Bell bags in their pockets, bringing the total to a maximum of 1,584,999 Bells on hand at one time. As New Leaf has one slot in the pocket more than the previous games, the total is raised to 1,683,999 Bells. recommend acbellsbuy buy Nook Miles Tickets.

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